My wife took me out for my birthday in November to Corso 32 in Edmonton. Several people told us how great the restaurant was, and what we experienced certainly delivered. The food was amazing, the service was dynamic, and of course, the wine complemented everything. The restaurant itself is very intimate, with maybe 16 table tops.

My wife had recently been laid off from her job at a gourmet foods store, which was expected. However, she didn’t want to go back into her previous field of administration. She had left that to pursue the job at the gourmet food store.

As the evening progressed, we talked about the different dishes we experienced, and thought about how we could prepare some of the dishes at home. We consider ourselves food lovers, and we both love to cook and experiment with different foods. One thing led to another, and we talked about her  going into private catering.

Dare to dream: Scott and Melanie Kendus are turning their love for food into a new catering business.

By the end of the evening, a plan was hatched for her to open up an in-home catering service that offers a variety of services – preparing meals, small bite progressive meals and even offering some cooking classes. While neither of us are professional chefs, we both love to cook and are pretty good at it.

The Kendus Family's catering vision is coming to life!

As of today, we are finishing up touches to our website, have received business cards, and are about to launch a Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter account. We are off on holidays to Morocco in a week (and taking a cooking class while we’re there), and we hope to officially open our business shortly after our return. While the dream of this catering business isn’t fully realized, it is certainly in our very near future. We are hoping to have some fun with this new venture. It may never have happened had it not been for that wonderful experience at Corso 32 on that November evening!

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Congratulations Scott! Scott and his wife Melanie are the proud owners and operators of Your Kitchen Catering in St. Albert, Alberta. Scott wins a Blunt Roll apron for his inspiring story.

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