7 responses to “Staff scheduling and pay: Know the law”

  1. Paul McKay says:

    If you’re not sure about what the requirements are, per the Employment Standards Act in your province, feel free to get in touch. Happy to research that for you on an individual basis. All the best, Paul McKay

  2. Joshua says:

    what is the law in ontario

  3. John Clark says:

    Can we schedule a staff member for less than 3 hours? For example a 2 hour lunch shift and only be obligated for 2 hours pay? Its difficult to find definitive answer in act.

  4. Mimi Gabor says:

    Just got a kitchen work in Montreal. Asked to work 50 hours per week. Asked to buy kitchen shoes and a chef’s knife. should I be getting time and a half after 40 hours per week?

  5. Karen Ivens says:

    If your scheduled in for a shift 3-4 hr shift and sent home do they still ba e to pay you ?

  6. Janice Clark says:

    In Manitoba is it legal for a person to be scheduled with a start time but no end time?

  7. Scott Vines says:

    I hope you can answer this question. At the restaurant that I work we have a patio and when we are scheduled for they may close it due to weather. But they have said that we should stay on call as the weather may change an they may open it up when the weather changes. So they have said we are on call for three hours after they have closed it. Is that legal I look forward to your answer.

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