Your food is amazing, your restaurant is well-planned and stylish, the furniture is comfortable and durable, your logo is perfect – but don’t forget about the uniforms! Your dress code or uniforms should echo the style and branding of your establishment. Make sure your employees are fully aware and on board – after all, if you have happy staff, you’ll have happy customers!

When creating a dress code for your establishment:

  • Consider comfort and durability, especially given the often hot and crowded quarters kitchen staff work in. Lightweight fabrics, short sleeves and moisture-wicking material are good choices.
  • Ensure that male and female staff uniforms are equivalent or similar in terms of style and design, and ensure your dress code complies with provincial human rights legislation.
  • Ensure that your dress code allows for cultural and religious accommodations, such as head scarves and hair styles.
  • Think about functionality – for example, server aprons may require pockets for tablets and wireless payment systems.
  • Look for colours that fit with your logo and branding, and consider more than white or black in the kitchen. Chef jackets come in a multitude of colours.
  • Solicit employee input. When buying new uniforms, have your employees test them out and try on various sizes before placing a full order.
  • Make sure potential employees are aware of your dress code and uniform policy during the interview and hiring process.
  • Put your dress code in writing and include it in your employee manual so all employees are aware of it and any issues can be discussed.

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