(June 29/17) Restaurants Canada continues to press the New Brunswick government to rein in soaring workers’ compensation rates. Over the past two years, rates for restaurateurs have increased by 75%. The WorksafeNB Accident Fund surplus has fallen from 123% to 112%, and by law, can’t fall below 110%. This drop is due to an alarming increase in claims costs because of a new independent appeal body and its interpretation of the legislation. If this trend continues, rates for 2018 would increase by a dramatic 60%.

Our progress

Following a concerted effort by Restaurants Canada and the business community, the government put together a task force to recommend solutions. A Restaurants Canada nominee will sit on this task force. Restaurants Canada is pushing government officials to address this issue before 2018 rates are set, because of our industry’s labour-intensive nature.

Questions about WCB rates in your province? Contact Restaurants Canada’s Paul McKay.


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