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Toast Inc.

Andrea Attard

Toast is more than just a POS. With unparalleled restaurant-specific functionality, Toast is a restaurant platform that’s built to make your life easier by bringing many technologies under one roof and seamlessly integrating with the rest — out of the box. Built to run your entire restaurant. Imagine that. Toast is on a mission to connect your entire business, from front of house to back of house leveraging integrated payments and deep partner integrations. With powerful reporting and hardware that streamlines your operations, Toast helps grow revenue and improve your bottom line. Say goodbye POS. Say hello Toast.


Mark Provost

Most hospitality businesses are maintaining dozens of different systems and, for the most part, none of them talk to one another. We believe that the effort it takes to maintain all of these disparate systems is one of the primary causes of hundreds of hours of unnecessary operational heavy-lifting. Tango is founded on the belief that any hospitality business should have a single system that works across every department within the company. With Tango you can spend time delighting guests, not managing systems.


Olivia Fine

PrepWizard is an automated expiration labeling solution that replaces the handwriting process of use-by labels. In one minute, PrepWizard will automatically calculate and print use-by labels for your restaurant prep. The PrepWizard app works on Apple or Android devices, and we preload your products so there is no setup required.

Navi Cost Control

Chris Jamieson

Navi is the simplest way to make your restaurant more money. A simple, cloud-based cost control system, it centralizes the three main areas that contribute to a restaurant’s profitability: cost control, menu engineering and inventory management.


David Nadezhdin

Master Your Rush. The franchise and multi-location POS to run your entire business. Manage, control, and improve performance across all your locations.