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Bar Supplies & Accessories

Well Juicery

Kelly Duffy

Well Juicery was founded in 2014 in Calgary, Alberta. Well™ focuses on hand-crafting the most nutritious juices around. We use only the freshest Grade A fruits and vegetables, as local as possible. Well™ is proud to create the most nutrient dense, pure cd-pressed juice with no sugar, stabilizers or water added using our in-house HPP technology which provides our customers the freshest and longest shelf-life of any cold-pressed juice in Canada. We focus on three main verticals; Grocery, Foodservice + Hospitality and Private Label. Well™ juices are available in single-serve 333ml format for nutrition on-the-go, 60ml wellness shots for a daily boost and 1L premium juices for bar and restaurant use. We service Canada and the United States from our production facility in Toronto. If you haven’t tried our juices, what are you waiting for?!

Anhydra – Dehydrated Fruits

Martin Gibeault

ANHYDRA is a company specialised in the dehydration of fruits. We offer garnishes (for cocktails and deserts) and fruit powders (for cocktail rimmers, dessert decoration, seasoning or simply as an ingredient). Dehydrated in a food facility in Quebec. Stop by our booth, we have samples!