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Concession Equipment & Supplies

Gresilva Grills

Cristina Silva Rodrigues

GRESILVA® makes own-patented, quality-manufactured products, which cater to a highly competitive market. At Gresilva, you can find industrial grills, grills for restaurants, barbecues, hotels and all kinds of catering services – even grills for home use, for indoors in the kitchen – the Home Grill Line, and for outdoors – the Garden Grill Line. GRESILVA® Grills need no charcoal, and produce true, economical, hygienic, healthy grilled food without altering its nutritional value in any way. To grill food on a grid without using charcoal or flame is Gresilva’s aim, and our Horizontal Grill deserves special attention for its outstanding success in achieving this. It uses gas, providing 100% natural heat, which alters neither the taste nor the quality of the food. The result is succulent, appetizing, well-cooked grilled food. A GRESILVA® grill fits perfectly, as regards appearance, size and functionality, into any industrial kitchen.

Brokerhouse Distributors Inc.

Shannon Hughes

We are the go-to Canadian professional coffee equipment, food service equipment, and vending distributor specializing in various AWAY FROM HOME markets nationally. We provide the industry’s leading brands of state-of-the-art machinery, cost-effective programs, and top-of-the-line solutions backed up with impeccable service, parts, and support nationwide.

AUTEC and Azuma Foods

Akiko Yamaguchi

AUTEC: AUTEC is a commercial sushi robot manufacturer supplying equipment to food service businesses and academic institutions around the world with aesthetically pleasing robots that produce high-quality sushi. AUTEC’s goal is to make high-quality sushi accessible and affordable to anyone, anywhere by designing robots to assist all levels of sushi chefs and various types of businesses to successfully run at a lower operational cost. Azuma Foods: With over 20 years of doing business in Canada, and over 50 years in Japan, AZUMA FOODS mission is to contribute to the development of the world’s food culture by delivering products that ‘fuse’ traditional Japanese food with other Asian and Western food cultures. AZUMA FOODS manufactures and imports authentic premium frozen items for our target customers – food service distributors/end users and retailers. Since our founding, AZUMA FOODS’ mission is to strive to make products that are innovative and new to the market for supporting the expansion of items such as sushi, ramen, poke bowls, onigiri etc.