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Griddles / Grills / Rotisseries

Julien Inc

Holisoa Vahinison

With over 75 years of expertise in professional kitchen manufacturing and stainless-steel processing, Julien has built an enviable reputation throughout North America and has become the indispensable ally of many internationally renowned chefs. Behind that legacy lies a true passion for kitchen equipment. It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce our latest brand dedicated to professional kitchens: Rosko. Experience unparalleled quality, accessibility, and durability with Rosko products. Get all-in-one solutions for all workstation needs with a range of stainless-steel cooking, washing, and furniture equipment. We are proud to say that all our cooking equipment is manufactured in our own factory, located in Quebec City, Canada. Our entire team at Julien is dedicated to providing expert support, technical assistance, and passion for our products, from the moment of purchase to after-sales service.

Gresilva Grills

Cristina Silva Rodrigues

GRESILVA® makes own-patented, quality-manufactured products, which cater to a highly competitive market. At Gresilva, you can find industrial grills, grills for restaurants, barbecues, hotels and all kinds of catering services – even grills for home use, for indoors in the kitchen – the Home Grill Line, and for outdoors – the Garden Grill Line. GRESILVA® Grills need no charcoal, and produce true, economical, hygienic, healthy grilled food without altering its nutritional value in any way. To grill food on a grid without using charcoal or flame is Gresilva’s aim, and our Horizontal Grill deserves special attention for its outstanding success in achieving this. It uses gas, providing 100% natural heat, which alters neither the taste nor the quality of the food. The result is succulent, appetizing, well-cooked grilled food. A GRESILVA® grill fits perfectly, as regards appearance, size and functionality, into any industrial kitchen.


Lito Armada

Eurodib is a national importer and distributor of food service equipment in Canada. We offer a large variety of products including, dishwashers, vacuum packaging machines, ice machines, convection ovens, crepe griddles, panini grills, smallwares, cutters, slicers, pots, pans, wine fridges, induction plates, etc.

ATOSA Canada

Johnny Liao

Since 1946 Western Refrigeration and Beverage Equipment Ltd. has been a leading Canadian Commercial Foodservice Equipment Distributor. Our National distribution network includes warehousing both in Western and Eastern Canada as well as coast to coast service network. We provide complete turnkey equipment packages anywhere in Canada including: Planning and design, warehousing and staging, delivery, supply, installation, start-up, training and after sale support and warranty service. Our success comes from our need to be customer driven and supply what the customer wants with the most innovative, cost effective and energy efficient equipment programs to help drive their businesses.