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HVAC - Heating / Ventilation / Air Conditioning


Jeff Schmode

PTR-CANADA distributes Transport Refrigeration Systems through Master Dealers across Canada like Polar Mobility in Alberta, Future Climates in BC, XTCC in Mississauga Ontario and Climatrans in Montreal! XTCC specializes in premium insulation/refrigeration systems for both “fresh” and “frozen” applications for vehicles and trailers up to 24′ long. Cargo heat is also their specialty for temperature sensitive loads. XTCC also specializes all makes service and repairs.

Cool King Refrigeration Ltd

Shayne Gold

Cool King Refrigeration Ltd. has been servicing and building relationships with Canadian businesses for over 35 years. We believe in establishing a partnership relationship with our customers, as your success is our primary goal. We achieve that by being a one-stop shop for all your needs of consulting, training, professional equipment, recipe development, ingredients, accessories and technical service. Some of the brands for which we are official distributors are Carpigiani, ISA, ICB, Comprital, Medac and Silikomart. All made in Italy and top quality.

Berner International Corp.

Tiffany Gilkey

Berner International Corp. has established itself as the leading manufacturer of air curtains/air doors and related products for over 50 years. All Berner air curtains are handcrafted with pride in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to help our customers save energy and create healthy, comfortable environments.Our air curtains provide a controlled stream of air, aimed across an open doorway or window, to create an air seal. This seal separates different environments, while allowing a smooth, unhindered flow of traffic and an unobstructed view through the opening. Because our air curtains effectively contain heated or air conditioned air, they can provide sizeable energy savings and personal comfort, along with insect control, when applied in Food Service settings. Berner catalogs over 406 air curtain configurations and has models designed for customer entryways, kitchen/service doors, and drive-thru windows, just to name a few. Berner also offers patio heaters, bakery rack covers, and arctic seal doors.