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Middle Eastern Products

M.A.Z. International

Sameer Irfan

MAZ Distribution has a global network of manufacturers including facilities owned by the parent company. We ensure product quality, Food Safety and compliance to serve our customers needs on a consistent basis. Our unique supply chain sets us apart from the competition in several ways: We take control of materials sourcing including Agri-produce directly from farmers to ensure freshness and highest quality. Our Team of Food Scientists and Manufacturing Leads ensure processing as per Global Standards on a consistent basis whether its owned or third party. MAZ Global production and distribution network with presence in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia with year-round availability of products. Just-in-time deliveries at customer doorstep. At M.A.Z, we take immense pride in serving the food industry. Close coordination with our suppliers and automated inventory management system helps us ensure consistency and a seamless process across the board.

Father Sam’s Bakery

Tony Said

Father Sam’s Bakery is a 3rd Generation Family Owned and Operated, SQF Certified Manufacturing Company with facilities located in Buffalo, NY and Charlotte, NC. We produce a wide variety of Flour Tortillas, Flavored Wraps, and Artisan Pita Breads in our state-of-the-art production facilities. Using only the finest ingredients, our products are made to order. Our Tortillas contain a higher moisture content than the competition, making them more pliable, and customers experience less breakage. Our Flavored Wraps contain authentic spices and natural seasonings, they actually taste like the flavor they represent. Our Tortillas include a full portfolio of sizes, from 5.5″ to 13″. We also offer Gluten Free Wraps, Low Carb, Clean Label, and other unique options. Our Artisan Pita Breads are available in a variety of sizes, they’re thicker, sweeter, and more-moist than many options available in the market today. The delectable golden-brown color and sweet flavor are sure to enhance any sandwich. Our Pita Breads have a pocket which can be stuffed, and we also offer several pre-sliced options.