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Shelving / Storage


Camila Salvador

Oasismade (formerly Oasis Bags) was founded in 1990 with two fundamental beliefs: Provide environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging alternatives and to supply socially responsible certified products. At Oasismade, we invest in research and development in numerous fields to ensure that our products are superior in terms of quality, longevity and technology that ensures the manufacturing process and materials cause the smallest carbon footprint possible.​ Our products vary from conventional designs to complete custom products. We offer various material options, full printing and colour capabilities, and customize packaging for a beautifully finished product ready for the store shelves.

Julien Inc

Holisoa Vahinison

With over 75 years of expertise in professional kitchen manufacturing and stainless-steel processing, Julien has built an enviable reputation throughout North America and has become the indispensable ally of many internationally renowned chefs. Behind that legacy lies a true passion for kitchen equipment. It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce our latest brand dedicated to professional kitchens: Rosko. Experience unparalleled quality, accessibility, and durability with Rosko products. Get all-in-one solutions for all workstation needs with a range of stainless-steel cooking, washing, and furniture equipment. We are proud to say that all our cooking equipment is manufactured in our own factory, located in Quebec City, Canada. Our entire team at Julien is dedicated to providing expert support, technical assistance, and passion for our products, from the moment of purchase to after-sales service.