(Feb. 23/17) Restaurants Canada is committed to measuring the impact of the recent minimum wage increase on Alberta’s foodservice industry. We encourage restaurant and foodservice operators to take our survey. Your input will help us gauge how the minimum wage has affected your business and employees.

To participate, please e-mail Paul McKay before March 24, 2017 for your copy of the survey. It will take just a few minutes to complete and the information you provide will be kept strictly private and confidential. Responses will not be viewed on an individual basis but analyzed in aggregate form.


One response to “Survey: Has Alberta’s minimum wage impacted you?”

  1. Amber Meszaros says:

    Min Wage going up has really impacted the small buisness i wokr for and many around me. we have had to raise the price of food product, and hour shave had to be cut slightly. in order to afford these changes. with the Canadian dollar doing terribly and produce and such prices raising this has only impacted us in the worst way, we were thriving before the down turn happen and unfortunate that has effected many here in Alberta… now the solution is to up minimum wage? to me it does not make sense at all. im now making less hours and for someone who is above minimum wage there is a smaller gap between me who has worked here 7 year and someone who has just started. my hours are cut, my wage stayed the same as it unrealistic to raise everyone wage. so what has this done? nothing but give me less hours.

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