(Jan. 11/16) In a labour-intensive business like foodservice, payroll taxes have a huge impact. With the recent focus on Canada Pension Plan (CPP) reform, here’s how Restaurants Canada is working to control your costs – so you can keep growing and creating jobs.

CPP Action Timeline:

Dec.  14, 2015: Restaurants Canada writes to Canada’s new finance minister, Bill Morneau, to discourage him from following Ontario’s ORPP (Ontario Retirement Pension Plan) lead, and suggests a targeted approach to CPP enhancements that won’t jeopardize youth jobs.

Dec.  14 – 16, 2015:  Each of the provincial finance ministers is contacted by our regional VPs explaining how important it is to protect youth jobs (see links to provincial letters at the end of this article).Dec.  21, 2015: Minister Morneau meets with his provincial and territorial counterparts to discuss several items, including the CPP. The provinces support our approach and agree to study it further.  However, Ontario is continuing to move forward with the costly ORPP.

Jan. 2016: Restaurants Canada is keeping the hidden costs of CPP reform on the agenda of federal and provincial governments, and is working with other national associations to create an even stronger voice.

Alberta CPP letter
B.C. CPP letter
Manitoba CPP letter
New Brunswick CPP letter
Newfoundland CPP letter
Nova Scotia CPP letter
Ontario press release on ORPP
Ontario ORPP letter
PEI CPP letter
Quebec CPP letter
Saskatchewan CPP letter

Restaurants Canada members: If you have questions about the Canada Pension Plan or Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, or if you want to get involved in our campaigns, please contact Paul McKay on our Member Services Team: 1-800-387-5649 ext. 4225 or pmckay@restaurantscanada.org.

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