Last month, Restaurants Canada met with the Quebec government to discuss French signage laws. We got a sneak preview of the legislation that will be voted on in January, and much of it is good news!

Here are some details about what signage will be acceptable:

  • English names (Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Wendy’s) will be accepted
  • Signs with some French will be accepted (Scores Chicken and Wings – Poulet et côtes levées)
  • If your restaurant name is not French, or if it doesn’t fall under one of the above categories, you can put a French sign in the window of your restaurant. For example, Subway might post Eat fresh – Mangez frais, which would eliminate the need for other French signage
  • No changes will be required on signage of delivery trucks, employee clothing, interior signs or menus
  • Restaurants will be given three years to comply.

We are pleased the Quebec government took Restaurants Canada’s concerns seriously. If these changes are accepted, it will mean most of you can retain your existing signage.

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