(Apr. 24/13) For the third time, NDP MPP Michael Prue has reintroduced his private members bill (Bill 107) that seeks to prohibit employers from sharing in tips. This time, Mr. Prue introduced the bill alongside a former restaurant employee who alleges she was fired for refusing to share her tips.

CRFA action
In preparation for another tipping battle, CRFA has recently spoken out in media interviews with outlets like The Toronto Star and CBC Radio. Our message is the same: regulation is unnecessary and a one-size-fits-all solution for Ontario’s 30,000 restaurants is not workable.

CRFA had separately met with Mr. Prue and then-Labour Minister Linda Jeffrey to present the industry’s issues last summer. Mr. Prue committed to consult with stakeholders before any legislative action, and acknowledged the concerns of hands-on owners/operators and the need to properly reward managers in team-oriented success. Minister Jeffrey promised to partner with CRFA to review the issue, offering up “no surprises” to the restaurant sector.

With a new Premier and Labour Minister now in place, CRFA will follow up to ensure these commitments are upheld.

What members think
CRFA surveyed our members on tipping practices and rationale when the bill first was introduced. Results show restaurateurs hold strong but varied positions on tipping, which reflects the industry’s diversity and complexity. CRFA will draw on our member feedback to emphasize to government the drawbacks of taking a simplistic, regulatory approach to the issue.


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