In the restaurant and foodservice industry, people are your most valued resource. How do you protect and grow this asset? Creating a positive workplace is key.
Here are three important things you must do to foster a positive and safe working environment. Beyond complying with the law, you’ll be setting the tone for a happy and productive team working for you and your customers.

1.  Create a safe and respectful workplace
There are laws in every province to ensure safe workplaces, free from all forms of violence and harassment. We’ve put together a list of resources to help you understand your legal obligations and put them into practice.  Full details
2.  Know the law and best practices for dress codes and uniforms
Most restaurants, bars and caterers have dress codes or uniform requirements to reflect and reinforce their brand. Did you know there are laws in many provinces on what these dress codes can include and who pays for uniforms? And consider our list of best practices when creating a dress code for your establishment.
3.  Handle employee tips with care…or not at all
You need to be on the right side of the Canada Revenue Agency when it comes to handling employee tips – and your employees need clear guidelines too.  Full details
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