(Oct. 6/16) Restaurants Canada wants to keep you informed of the latest news on menu labelling:

Contextual statement
You may still use the old contextual statement until 2018. However, if you have not yet published it on your menu and signage, you may want to use the new statement for consistency.

Learn more about the contextual statement and important requirements in the Ministry’s guide to menu labelling rules.

Fact sheets
The Ministry has released sector-specific fact sheets to help you comply with the new menu labelling rules. Get your fact sheet:

E-mail response time

If you who have emailed questions directly to the Ministry of Health at menulabelling@ontario.ca, you may have received a message that responses would be within 10 business days. Restaurants Canada is pushing the Ministry to allocate more resources to this project as that wait time is unacceptable for our industry.

Need help?
Contact Restaurants Canada’s James Rilett with questions or comments.


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