Green colored waste removal dump truck

Green colored waste removal dump truck

(Feb. 10/15) Foodservice operators have been saved from a huge hike in garbage fees – and could see their costs go down – thanks to action by Restaurants Canada. Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) announced good news on two fronts:

No garbage tip fee increase
Over a year ago, we launched a campaign against a plan to hike landfill tip fees by 36 per cent – from $125 to $170 per tonne. City council listened to us and scrapped this plan.

Lower-priced options
City council accepted our second recommendation to allow restaurants to ship waste outside HRM. Our members now have lower-priced options, because neighbouring areas process waste for well under $100 per tonne. We had pressured the council to give relief to businesses that already pay some of the highest waste removal costs in the country.


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