(Feb. 4/18): Now that Bill 148 and a $14/hour minimum wage are in effect, foodservice operators throughout Ontario are scrambling to adjust and adapt to these sweeping reforms. We are taking this opportunity to remind members that Restaurants Canada’s savefoodservicejobs.ca website is available so that we can help them while they absorb these labour cost increases.

The site provides useful tips and ideas for Ontario foodservice operators with how to share their stories, learn from their industry colleagues and contact their local MPP with concerns. Members will not be required to name their operation, as we take their privacy very seriously. However, these stories are of critical importance so that the public, the media, the political opposition and the government are aware of what is going on in our province.

Also available on the site is a useful Q&A document along with guides for how owners and operators can discuss business model changes with their staff and our proposals for helping the foodservice industry during this difficult time of transition.

Restaurants Canada also organized Preparing for Bill 148 and How Restaurant Operators Can Save Money Given Rising Labour Costs webinars. These webinars were hosted by industry professionals who provided useful strategies for owners and operators regarding how they can absorb these rising costs while staying afloat.

Never forget, our strength is in our numbers!


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