600600p6489EDNmainGallant cropped(Oct. 14/14) New Brunswick has a new government and this means changes for restaurateurs. The new Liberal government under Premier Brian Gallant was sworn into office on Oct. 7. In the run up to the election, Restaurants Canada made sure foodservice issues were front and centre with all political parties.

Issues affecting restaurateurs
The new government’s election platform will directly impact restaurateurs. Relevant items include the following:

  • Lower the Small Business Tax rate to 2.5%. The government has already acted to reduce the tax rate from 4.5% to 4.0%, effective Jan. 1, 2015.
  • Increase the Small Business Investor Tax Credit to 50% from 30%.
  • Raise the hourly minimum wage from $10 to $10.30 in 2014, and to $11 by 2017. The wage will then be linked to inflation.
  • Freeze all small business fees for four years.
  • Expand the smoking ban to outdoor patios.
  • Review the New Brunswick Drug Plan to ensure small business employers are not hit with new fees.
  • Eliminate business property tax credits.
  • Introduce a Training Tax Credit to small businesses that pay for continuous learning opportunities for employees.

Read the entire Liberal Party Election Platform.
Top photo: Leading up to the election, Restaurants Canada hosted a member round table with Mr. Gallant to discuss our industry’s issues. L to R: Now Premier Brian Gallant, Restaurants Canada Director Bill Allen (Fresh Casual Restaurant Inc.), Restaurants Canada’s Luc Erjavec and now Finance Minister Roger Melanson.


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