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Diverse and dynamic


We are part of every community. With more than 98,000 locations providing 1.2 million jobs and serving 22 million customers every day, Canada’s foodservice industry fuels agri-food production, drives tourism, and contributes to diverse and dynamic neighbourhoods across the country.

$89 Billion

is generated by Canada's restaurant industry per year

The restaurant industy is Canada’s

4th largest employer

1 in 5 youth

are employed by Canada's restaurants




“Mark’s commitment to making a difference and helping others is inspiring to just about everyone who crosses his path. ”

One-on-One with chef Mark Brand

“Growth doesn’t happen in a company without the communities and people who support them.”

Tareq Hadhad - Peace by Chocolate


2019 Leadership Award Winner

Jean-François Archambault

La Tablée des Chefs, Montreal, QC
Through the vision and leadership of Jean-François Archambault, La Tablée des Chefs is making a significant impact on sustainability and the community. His dedication to revolutionizing the redistribution of food waste to help feed those in need has seen over 750 tons of uneaten food diverted from landfills, and more than 2 million people fed with food recovered from restaurants, hockey arenas, hotels, bakeries and hospitals.

2019 Culinary Excellence Award Winner

Brad Long

Belong Café and Belong Catering, Toronto, ON
Given annually to a hospitality leader that has made an outstanding contribution to Canada’s culinary landscape, Chef Long’s dedication to sustainability through the belief that “Food is fuel. Food is medicine. Food is love,” sets a new standard for creating dining experiences that delight the senses, and inspires others through his knowledge, passion and skill.

2019 Innovation Award Winner

Sally the Robot by Chowbotics

W.D. College Co. Ltd., Mississauga, ON
The Innovation Award product or service has, or will, have a significant impact on the foodservice sector and this year’s winner is helping reshape the foodservice industry. Not only does Sally the Robot help reduce food waste and labour costs, but it can create thousands of made-to-order meal options ready at the touch of a button in places fresh food wouldn’t normally be available.

What our community is saying

Trevor Lui headshot

“Restaurants Canada is a tremendous resource for restaurateurs. From giving you access to insightful data – online and in print – to the events they offer, RC is an invaluable partner for industry professionals.”

Trevor Lui
Highbell Group

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“RC is always reaching out to ensure that we in the foodservice industry are informed. I’m grateful for the team at RC for showing me support and continuing to help me and my business grow stronger.”

La-Toya Fagon
Twist Catering

Mo Ali headshot

“I would highly recommend RC to anyone in the industry looking to grow their business. The insights they provide at the RC Show and throughout the year have been immensely helpful.”

Mo Ali Khawaja
Swiss Chalet

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“My RC membership gives me a competitive edge with access to cost-saving programs, innovative resources and a strong voice in government on issues impacting our business.”

Scot McTaggart
fusion grill

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Restaurants Canada has been the voice of Canada’s diverse and dynamic foodservice community for 75 years. We are proud to support all the people who have played a role along the way, from farm to table.
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