Getting rid of bottle stamping in Quebec

Published février 10, 2015

(Feb. 10/15) Restaurants Canada is getting close to nixing bottle stamping in Quebec. In recent meetings with the SAQ following our work on the alcohol committee, we noted that Quebec is the only place in the world to use this archaic system to confirm taxes are paid. It is costly, as the SAQ pays $6 million a year to get the bottles stamped.

We also reiterated that bottle stamping is problematic for our members because it is:

  • ineffective and costly – stamps fall off in refrigerators or when bottles are cleaned, which can lead to fines and time-consuming lawsuits; and
  • useless, due to the last budget’s harmonization of specific taxes on alcohol. (Restaurants now pay the same amount of taxes as grocers/convenience stores.)

We are confident the Public Security Minister will reform the alcohol system in Quebec. Restaurants Canada will keep members informed of any changes.


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