Chain Compensation Survey

Restaurants Canada conducts this confidential survey annually with its chain operator members, in collaboration with research and consulting firm Canadian Compensation Resources.

The survey is funded by participating companies and results are available only to participants. For more information on how to participate and access the report, please contact Chris Elliott at

The study is designed for human resources professionals in chain restaurant and foodservice companies, and covers cash and non-cash compensation for corporate, regional and store-level positions as reported by head office. Results are reported by city or region, as well as by quick-service, full-service, average check, and other key parameters. Every second year the survey also covers benefits programs.

Table of Contents

Section A – Corporate Services and Operations Management Position Data
Section B – Quick Service Restaurant Position Data
Section C – Family/Casual Restaurant Position Data
Section D – 2018 Salary Increases
Section E – 2017 Turnover Rates
Section F – Annual Bonus Frequency
Section G – Number of Restaurants Managed
Section H – Performance Plan Measurement
Section I – Long-term Incentive Plans
Section J – Premium Pay Locations and Policies
Section K – Formal Geographic Pay Differentials
Section L – Current Regional Hiring Challenges
Section M – Relocation Policies
Section N – Responses to Minimum Wage Changes
Section O – Tip Pooling and Tip Sharing Policies

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