(Jun. 27/16) During the Stampede, from July 8 to 17, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will allow all Calgary Class A, B and C licensees to begin serving liquor at 8am. Closing hours will not change, and all other rules remain in effect. You should continue to offer service in a socially responsible way to ensure the safety of patrons during these special hours.
You may request permission to open earlier than 8am if:

  1. You are located along the parade route, and want to begin liquor service at 7am on July 8, the parade day, or
  2. You are hosting a special private event.

If you have questions about these extended hours, please contact Graham Wadsworth, Senior Manager, Inspections South, AGLC, at 403-292-7328 or graham.wadsworth@aglc.ca.


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