(Nov. 24/14) Restaurants Canada met with the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) on Nov. 13 to call for a milk price freeze for the coming year, and more price breaks on mozzarella cheese.

Milk freeze
We reiterated that Canadian dairy prices are still among the highest in the world, and continue to grow above inflation. We insisted the price set for industrial milk reflect the farmer’s cost of production (COP), which is estimated to stay flat this year.

Cheese pricing
We pushed the CDC to make the 3(d) discount program permanent, and extend it to all mozzarella menu items. Currently the discount only applies to mozzarella used on pizza. We referenced a Restaurants Canada member survey that found the 3(d) program had halted the decline in mozzarella sales to our industry.

Other changes
Restaurants Canada also pressed the CDC to streamline current registration and audit processes.

The CDC’s 2015 pricing announcement is expected in mid December.


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