Chickan’t Afford Me Anymore: Restaurants Canada Calls for Action Against Proposed Chicken Price Hike

Published février 27, 2024

Restaurants Canada has launched a proactive campaign urging the British Columbia government to take swift action to prevent a proposed 10% increase in the cost of chicken. This move by the BC Chicken Marketing Board would mean the restaurant industry and consumers will be hit with another significant price hike they cannot afford.

At a time when restaurants are already fighting an uphill battle to profitability, this proposed increase threatens to tip the scale against them.  With 62% of restaurants operating at a loss or barely breaking even – compared to 10% pre-pandemic, this upsurge could further destabilize the industry.

A new survey by spark*insights shows, 78% of BC residents say they would be concerned if chicken prices rose 10%. The impact of this price surge could lead to a substantial shift in consumer behaviour, with 48% of respondents indicating they would purchase less chicken and 24% stating they would stop buying chicken altogether. 

Mark von Schellwitz, Vice President, Western Canada at Restaurants Canada, emphasized the significance of competitively priced BC chicken for the foodservice industry. He stated: “The soaring cost of this widely consumed and versatile meat protein could prove detrimental to restaurants of all sizes in British Columbia, where chicken forms an essential part of menus and dietary preferences.”

Collaboration between industry stakeholders and government entities is essential to ensure the viability and sustainability of the foodservice sector. The BC Farm Industry Review Board, the group appointed by government to accept or reject the 10% increase, can do the right thing by averting this unfair cost increase that would only further financially burden restaurants and consumers.

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