Be a part of our minimum wage action in Ontario

Published August 28, 2017

Restaurants Canada invites you to attend our political action meeting on Sept. 6 in Toronto, where you can share your ideas and learn about our initiatives to mitigate the Wynne government’s minimum wage policies.

Where we stand

We’ve been working hard to assess and communicate the impact of these policies on our industry’s businesses and jobs to media, government and key stakeholders. In fact, our industry had more representation at the government hearings than any other. The Premier has publicly said she will work with Restaurants Canada to offset some of the costs.


Our next phase

In partnership with the Retail Council of Canada, we have enlisted the services of Crestview Strategy Group, a public and government relations firm, to bolster resources for this fight. Restaurants Canada is taking the lead, and funding up to 50% of this campaign, but we need all of you to kick in!


How can you join the fight?

  1. Register to attend our political action meeting, hosted at Restaurants Canada’s Head Office in Toronto on Sept. 6. Address: 1155 Queen St. W. Time: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  2. Contribute whatever you can to the campaign. Download a pledge form and send via fax or e-mail by Sept. 8, 2017.

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In numbers: How Ontario’s planned minimum wage hikes will hurt the restaurant industry

You and every other business in Ontario were blindsided when the Wynne government did an about-face on its minimum wage policy and announced a $14 minimum wage by January 2018, a $15 minimum wage by January 2019, along with 64 other costly, anti-business policies.

The impacts on our industry and the economy will be staggering.

  • A $23 billion hit to business over two years.
  • 187,000 jobs at risk, 17,300 in foodservice and accommodation alone.
  • Increased deficits at all three levels of government with municipalities taking a half billion dollar hit – which will result in higher taxes.
  • 50% increase to inflation and a cost per household of $1,300 more for consumer goods and services.

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