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Innovative products at RC Show 2022 set to change how we dine out


Leading hospitality event showcases newest innovations designed to help REVIVE the industry, including touchless air purification, high-efficiency robotics, sustainable food & beverage, new technology designed to drive revenue and much more

TORONTO – April 29, 2022 – This past year has sparked a lot of change and with that revitalization comes innovation and exciting new developments, especially in Canada’s foodservice and hospitality industry. 

Bringing together the latest advancements in everything food and beverage related, as well as technology, sustainability and profitability, the upcoming RC Show, Canada’s foodservice and hospitality event of the year, has rounded up a list of products, goods and services from the trade show floor that are set to rebuild and revive Canada’s food scene.

From May 9-11, RC Show 2022 will welcome back the industry for an in-person, new and improved hybrid event set to support the industry’s REVIVAL with business solutions for restaurants, hotels and foodservice establishments that continue to evolve and reimagine their operations.

Here are some of this year’s most innovative show finds:


Tractor Beverage Company: Tractor sustainably sources only the finest ingredients from certified organic farms around the world and constructs each beverage from the root, fruit, blossom, and bark using time-honoured methods to create naturally flavourful beverages. Tractor products are available exclusively through foodservice providers to help cut down on carbon emissions while also providing restaurants and partners with a cleaner, better beverage option to serve their guests.

Waygu™ Plant-based Beef: a premium, plant-based meat alternative inspired by the best in Japanese and Canadian agriculture, technology, and culinary tradition and designed to elevate any plant-led culinary experience. The world’s first alternative to Wagyu beef, these succulent strips by Wamame Foods have the same taste and texture as shaved beef. Available in four flavours: Teriyaki, Ginger, Korean BBQ, and Umami. They are gluten-free and vegan.

JUST Egg: Made entirely from plants, JUST Egg cooks, looks, and tastes like chicken eggs. Developed with human and planetary health in mind, JUST Egg has approximately the same amount of protein as a conventional egg but with zero cholesterol and less saturated fat. JUST Egg ingredients use 98% less water, 86% less land, and produce 93% fewer carbon dioxide emissions than conventional chicken eggs. JUST Egg comes in a liquid format, as well as a toaster-ready option in JUST Egg Folded.

Tre Stelle CHEEZMADE: Chicken-less Burger patties and Chicken-less Nuggets are the first-ever, dairy-based meat alternative products in Canada. CHEEZMADE is high in protein, high in calcium, is halal and is proudly supported by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and the Dairy Farmers of Canada. Prepared in Canada, CHEEZMADE Chicken-less Burger patties are blended with spices to provide a similar, savoury taste and texture of chicken.

Future Meatballs: From Future Farm, this 100% vegan product is a clean label, using 100% natural ingredients. They are Halal, gluten-free, non-GMO certified, use round table responsible soy, and True Texture Technology that produces products that have virtually the same texture as animal protein. Future Meatballs also come with the BIO Seal for their biodegradable tray which was developed with innovative Eco-One™ technology.  

Grass Fed Organic Beetroot Yogurt: Raw organic beetroots are a superfood, a nutritional and circulatory health powerhouse. During this mask-wearing pandemic, many people’s blood oxygen levels have been negatively impacted, leading to physical and mental lethargy and fatigue. Beetroots have shown to increase oxygen in the blood by 10% to 20%, and significantly lower blood pressure by 4-10 mmhg over a period of a few hours.


Too Good To Go: More than 50% of food produced in Canada is wasted every year, or the equivalent of the weight of 736,000 Toronto streetcars. This contributes to 8% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and $1.2 trillion worth of food. In other words, if food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. The Too Good To Go app helps diners fight food waste in their local communities by connecting them to restaurants and grocery stores with surplus meals and ingredients.

Trendi: A Canadian robotics company dedicated to stopping food waste at the source. Their BioTrim modular processing units rescue, process, and dry misfit and excess food at farms and facilities and convert them into BioFlakes. BioFlakes retain 97% of their original nutrients and are lightweight, shelf-stable, and reduce transportation and storage costs of food by up to 90%. The possibilities are endless with freeze-dried food ingredients, from creating packaged food to beverages, sauces, soups, and even industrial applications like textiles or construction materials.

Good Leaf Farms: Vertical Farming, where produce is grown indoors in multiple layers, is creating a revolution in how clean, fresh, and local greens are being produced around the globe. Using innovative technology and leveraging multi-level vertical farming, GoodLeaf has created a controlled and efficient indoor farm that can grow fresh produce anywhere in the world, 365 days of the year. The system combines innovations in LED lighting with leading edge hydroponic techniques to produce sustainable, safe, pesticide-free, nutrient-dense leafy greens.


Viper Broad-Spectrum Cleaner & No-Rinse Sanitizer Wipes: The cleaning, sanitizing and oxidizing power of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® is now available in a convenient, ready-to-use wipe! These versatile wipes can be used for both front-of-house and back-of-house applications and are an ideal no-rinse sanitizing solution for any food contact surfaces. Effective against foodborne illness-causing bacteria, these wipes are non-irritating, non-flammable, non-toxic, and have low odour.

Fellowes AeraMax™ Pro AM3 & AM4: These air purifiers have been demonstrated, through independent laboratory testing, to be effective in eliminating aerosolized concentration of SARS-CoV-2 by 99.9999% through a single air pass test of the purifier. In addition, AeraMax Pro air purifiers reached 99.99% airborne reduction of a surrogate Human Coronavirus 229E in a 20m3 test chamber within 1-hour of operation in a separate test.

Restaurant Robotics: Meet Bellabot Robot – a premium delivery robot, and KittyBot Robot – a delivery and reception robot with an ad display. Supplied by Smart Life Solutions Canada, Bellabot inherits an outstanding characteristic with superior human-robot interaction capabilities.Featuring an innovative bionic design language, cute modeling, multi-modal interaction, and many other new functions, Bellabot provides users with an unprecedented food delivery robot experience. KittyBot is the latest delivery and reception robot that features advertisement display, customer guiding, AI voice interaction, delivery, and dish-returning functions.


Sunday App: The fastest way to pay in restaurants, turn tables quicker, increase average spend and get more tips. Customers can view the menu and pay the bill in 10 seconds. Scan, split, tip and pay. As the industry continues to pivot to cashless, the pre-defined tipping options make it effortless for customers to show their appreciation via Sunday app and for restaurants to reward their staff.

Alfred: The ultimate beverage inventory management solution that offers intelligent cellars through a sommelier app that improves efficiency and can save businesses time and money. Alfred optimizes a restaurant or bar’s inventory, time, and ultimately profits by relying on bottle traceability technology that eliminates the need for complete inventory taking, optimizing the rotation of products, and ultimately allows establishments to focus on the things that really matter like their bottom line.

Tipstoday™: A free solution for cashless tip distribution. Set a floater fund and all staff can get their gratuities in unison digitally. Tips are loaded to a secure mobile wallet and card. No more trips to the bank or stuffing envelopes.


Restogreen and the Restogreen Exchange (REX): Restogreen is a 24/7 sustainability tool that helps restaurants in their effort to become more sustainable. It lets foodservice operators demonstrate to their customers that they are part of an “Engaged & Committed “ sustainability network for foodservice establishments. As an added bonus and to support the circular economy in the industry, Restogreen created a dedicated B2B marketplace called REX (Restogreen Exchange) specifically for foodservice that allows foodservice operators and suppliers to buy and sell surplus equipment and products that they don’t use anymore.

Oongalee: This Canadian company’s patented tabletop Gateways are designed to keep everyone’s phone charged while providing a high-definition portal to businesses and services through digital advertising, reaching people like never before and redefining how brands speak to the masses. Oongalee Gateways are easy to integrate and affordable way for establishments to enhance their guest experience. Restaurants can generate revenue through advertising, save printing costs and update daily food drink specials at the touch of a screen.

Tablz: Despite being the largest consumer industry in the world, restaurants are the last to adopt revenue management, making it one of the least profitable industries. Tablz is an immersive booking experience that allows diners, for the first time, to pick a table from a curated list of the restaurant’s best tables. It is 100% voluntary, has no impact on operations, and is the first revenue-generating tool with no costs of goods. Tablz is modernizing dining room economics while at the same time creating an unparalleled guest service experience.


The FOG Tank: A heated soak tank that safely and easily removes fat, oil, grease, and carbon buildup from metal cookware, and kitchen and bakery equipment. The thermostatically controlled FOG Tank is constructed from 304-grade stainless steel, is fully insulated, and safely cleans all types of metal, including aluminum. The secret to the success of the FOG Tank is their safe and proprietary Tiger Carbon-Removal Powder, which is non-caustic, non-toxic, fully biodegradable, aluminum safe, food-safe, and completely safe for humans.

AccuSteam Griddle by Accutemp: The AccuSteam™ harnesses the science of steam to deliver 100% usable surface area. Steam by nature is attracted to anything colder than itself, which allows users to place cold or frozen products on the griddle surface with near-instant surface temperature recovery – regardless of food load. This results in even surface temperatures without any hot or cold spots. Combined, these benefits produce a consistent product and decreased ticket times during peak periods.

Merrychef Connex by Garland: An all-in-one unit ideally suited to rapidly cook, toast, grill and reheat fresh or frozen food, eliminating the need for other appliances. Cooking up to 20x faster than other cooking methods can provide hot food on demand. Suitable for front-of-house, operating quietly and easy to install due to ventless cooking capabilities through a built-in catalytic converter, eliminates the need for a loud extraction fan.

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