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Notice of 2022 Annual Meeting of Members


Take notice that an annual meeting of the Members of Restaurants Canada will be held, by electronic means, at 12:30 pm EST on the 30st day of March, 2022 to conduct the following business:

  1. Approve ByLaw changes (Appendix B) to allow fully virtual member meetings
  2. Confirm the minutes of the 76th annual meeting held 31 March 2021;
  3. Present the 2021 summary financial statements;
  4. Appoint the public accountant of Restaurants Canada for the 2022 fiscal year;
  5. Present the annual report of the Chair;
  6. Present the nominations to the Restaurants Canada board of directors; and
  7. Elect the directors of Restaurants Canada.

Note that it is expected that all attendees will be attending via electronic means.  For this purpose, please register online by clicking here no later than 17:00 EST 17 March 2022, indicating the email address that will be used on the day of the meeting. This email list will be used to confirm quorum and entitlement to attend and vote. Meeting connection details will be distributed closer to the date following registration.

Detailed materials related to the above may be accessed, free of charge, by logging into the Restaurants Canada  Member Portal or by contacting Restaurants Canada at 1-800-387-5649.

Members who are organizations are required to submit a valid proxy to Restaurants Canada to confirm the individual entitled to vote on behalf of the organization at the meeting.  A form of proxy with this notice as Schedule “A” can be downloaded, click here.