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Foodservice Facts 2023

Foodservice Facts is Canada’s most trusted foodservice industry research and insights guide.


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Searching for Balance in Turbulent Times

This annual report presents the latest foodservice statistics, trends and forecasts, along with a detailed analysis of how they will affect foodservice operators. From forecasting to market research, learn how to reach your consumers and win in today’s competitive market.

This year’s edition of Foodservice Facts marks and measures a milestone for the Canadian foodservice industry. Thanks to the expertise and vision of our Chief Economist, Chris Elliott, and the Restaurant’s Canada team that puts this must-read report together, it also teases the direction and framework for the next phase in our sector’s evolution.

2023’s Foodservice Facts Report is all about rebalancing and finding that new stability. We are still in a labour crisis. Food prices remain elevated. Remote work or flex work is not commonplace for many companies. Customers have yet to return to previous dining frequencies, forcing restaurant owners to rethink their business model, reprioritize and rebalance their new realities. In the short term, several economic headwinds will put additional pressure on foodservice operators for the remainder of 2023 and 2024. The Restaurants Canada 2023 Foodservice Facts Report is designed to assist restaurant owners with those pressures and help them understand how to leverage the latest foodservice trends to support their business. The Strategic Perspectives found through the repost provide valuable insights from industry leaders on how to respond and adapt to the new equilibrium.