Operations Report 2020

Benchmark your financial performance against similar operations with detailed data on profitability, cost of sales, operating expenses and other important performance measures. With rising operating costs and razor-thin profit margins, this report helps you quickly identify categories where you may need to cut costs in order to become more efficient and competitive.

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Given the unparalleled impact of COVID-19 on Canada’s foodservice industry, forecasting cash flow is vitally important. Profit is important, but cash flow pays the bills and is a key indicator of a business’s financial health. As a result, the 2020 edition of the Operations Report includes cash flow examples under three potential operating scenarios. These scenarios include:

Report Highlights
  • Temporarily closed down dine-in operations, but remained open for takeout and/or delivery
  • Temporarily closed down all operations in April
  • Dine-in portion of restaurant opened at reduced capacity
Table of Contents
  • Note to Users / About the 2020 Operations Report
  • Executive Summary
  • An Industry in Crisis
  • 2020 Foodservice Sales Forecast
  • Commercial Foodservice Industry Highlights
  • Segment Highlights
  • Provincial Highlights
  • Timely Financial Data’s Role in a Successful Restaurant Rebuild
  • Operating Ratios by Segment and by Province
    • Total Foodservice
    • Full-service Restaurants
    • Quick-service Restaurants
    • Caterers
    • Drinking Places
  • COVID-19 Cash Flow Scenarios
  • How to Analyze Your Performance
  • Definitions
  • Appendix: Overview of Methodology
  • Appendix: Questionnaire

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