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Restaurants Canada Launches 2024 Chain Compensation Survey with Mercer


Planning is now underway for the 2024 Chain Compensation Survey – the most valuable compensation planning tool available anywhere for the Canadian restaurant industry.

Restaurants Canada is proud to announce its NEW partnership with Mercer in conducting the 2024 Canada Retail Compensation and Benefits Survey. The survey will be a valuable resource for organizations in both the restaurant & retail industry, providing insights into compensation and benefits practices that can help inform your decision-making and improve competitiveness.  Last year’s survey had 140+ leading retail & restaurants participants, and over half a million incumbent records.

Motivate and attract top talent based on data from the Canada Retail Compensation and Benefits Survey, which provides data for 514 jobs across numerous position families, including retail, hospitality, supply chain, sales & marketing, customer service, and much more. Evaluate your pay rates and compensation strategy against 140+ organizations, or narrow the data by individual parameters such as industry sectors, company size, and location. Go beyond pay for your retail & restaurant employees, with survey data on:

  • Base salary
  • Short-term incentives
  • Total cash compensation
  • Policies and Practices

Mercer is a leading HR consulting firm with offices across Canada.  Their proven methodologies and processes allow them to conduct surveys efficiently and effectively, while providing high-quality, relevant results.  Click here to find out more about the survey, and here to learn more about Mercer.

As a participant in the survey, you’ll receive:

  • Annual survey of 510+ jobs,
  • Policy & Practices Section
  • Job matching meeting (virtual)
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated Mercer team
  • Results available online in Mercer WIN, as well as Excel and PDF Reports
  • Ability to refine survey results in Mercer WIN
  • Presentation of results and networking meeting (in-person)

Data is collected from March 4th to April 26th, with survey results available in September. The cost to participate and purchase the survey results will be $3,000 per company.

Please complete our quick poll by Friday, February 9th, 2024 to confirm your interest. Bruno Balanza from Mercer will be your go-to contact with any participation questions.  You can reach Bruno at

Email Chris Elliott at if you have any questions or concerns.