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Rules for Tips & Grats: What employees and employers must know


Virtual Workshop: February 27 – 1:00 PM EST.

Tip division, distribution, and taxation are common pain points for hospitality operators. Mismanagement of tips can cost you over $30K in tax liability for every $1M in sales.

Restaurants Canada has partnered with Atlas, a hospitality technology company, to introduce Atlas Direct Tips. Atlas Direct Tips automates tip division, distribution and compliance so that employers and employees can be exempt from CPP and EI contributions on the tips they generate.

Join us for an engaging workshop on Tuesday, Feb 27th at 1 PM EST, where you’ll see the magic of Atlas Direct Tips and how it can automate tip division, distribution and compliance for any type of operation. Additionally, you’ll gain insights from James Rhodes of Taxation Lawyers, a seasoned tax expert with extensive experience in guiding hospitality businesses through the intricacies of tipping legislation. James Rhodes also authored Restaurants Canada’s tipping toolkit and is a trusted advisor to the organization.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the difference between Controlled and Direct Tips
  • See how Direct Tips allows employers and employees to be exempt from CPP and EI on tips
  • Learn about federal and provincial laws for employers and employees
  • See how an automated tip division and distribution can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars


Afshin Mousavian | CEO and Co-Founder | Atlas

Turi Mercuri | President and Co-Founder | Atlas

James Rhodes
| Principal | Taxation Lawyers