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Positive Inclusive Workplace Guide

Now more than ever, restaurateurs should utilize every opportunity to leverage a positive workplace culture to strengthen the Canadian foodservice industry. Restaurants Canada and Centennial College have spent more than a year in partnership to develop a guide to help foodservice employers create positive and inclusive workplaces. This extensive guide is entitled “How to Create a Positive and Inclusive Workplace”. 

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Presented by Restaurants Canada in partnership with Centennial College.

About the Guide

With practical tips and best-in-class examples from some of the industry’s leaders in this area, the guide is designed to help operators recognize opportunities within their organizations to make positive change.

If you are in the foodservice industry and looking to foster a healthy workplace environment for your employees, take a moment to download this in-depth guide.

This guide provides information on:

  • Building a Culture of Inclusion
  • Hiring Practices to Build a Vibrant Labour Force
  • Racial, Cultural and Gender Diversity
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sick Leave/Parental Leave
  • And much more!

Check out our free Positive and Inclusive Workplace Info Sheets too. 

Download the Guide

How to Create a Positive & Inclusive Workplace

How to Create a Positive & Inclusive Workplace