New domestic violence leave and pregnancy/parental leave rules on the way for Nova Scotia

Published December 16, 2018

The following amendments to Nova Scotia’s General Labour Standards Code Regulations are taking effect as of Jan. 1, 2019:

Elimination of Eligibility Period for Pregnancy and Parental Leave

  • An eligibility period will no longer be required for pregnancy and parental leave — parents working in Nova Scotia will be eligible to take up to 77 weeks in combined pregnancy and parental leave as soon as they’re hired.

New Domestic Violence Leave

  • After three months in a job, workers will be eligible for up to three paid days in a calendar year if they or their children experience domestic violence.
  • A paid day of leave must not be less than the employee’s wages for all hours they would have worked on the day of the leave. For example, if a full-time employee was scheduled to work seven hours on the day of their leave, the employee would receive regular pay for seven hours. Similarly, if a part-time employee was scheduled to work four hours, the employee would receive regular pay for four hours.
  • In addition, if an employee takes any part of a day as leave, it is counted as one full day of paid leave. An employee can determine, however, which days of leave are to be considered the paid leave days. If an employee has two-hour appointments on different days, and also requires three full consecutive days off, the employee can request that the two-hour appointments be considered unpaid domestic violence leave and that they be paid for the three full consecutive days off. If the employee does not make a specific request, however, the employer will consider their first three days off, or parts of days off, as the three paid days.
  • Authority and support will also be provided for the Notification Form to be requested by employers and completed by employees and the service providers they will be engaging with as part of the domestic violence leave.

Click here to learn more about leaves from work on the Nova Scotia government website.

If you have any questions or would like more information, you can get in touch with Luc Erjavec, Restaurants Canada Vice President, Atlantic Canada, at or 1-800-387-5649 ext. 5000.


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