(August 20/18) Labour shortages are now the second greatest challenge for foodservice operators, according to Restaurants Canada’s most recent quarterly Restaurant Outlook Survey. This is the first time since Restaurants Canada began conducting the survey in 2011 that labour shortages have risen to become one of the top two causes of concern for respondents, along with labour costs, bumping food costs down to the third most concerning issue.

Increased competition from other industries for staff, changing demographics and a lower unemployment rate are making it difficult for operators to find employees — 51 per cent of foodservice operators are finding it “extremely” or “very” difficult to fill back-of-house positions, while one third of operators are finding it challenging to fill manager positions.

The results of Restaurants Canada’s Restaurant Outlook Survey for the second quarter of 2018 were compiled from responses to a survey conducted in July 2018. In total, 283 completed surveys were submitted, representing 9,181 establishments, including table-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, and other foodservice businesses, such as accommodation, institutions and drinking places. The Restaurants Outlook Survey report is one of many research reports available exclusively to Restaurants Canada members.

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