(May 5/17) Starting in 2018, New Brunswick will have a new statutory holiday. Known as Family Day, this paid public holiday will take place on the third Monday in February. New Brunswick is the eighth province to introduce a February holiday.

Who qualifies for the holiday?
To qualify for a paid holiday in N.B., an employee must be employed by the employer for at least 90 days during the 12 months, and have worked their scheduled shift before and after the holiday.

How much should you pay?
All employees are entitled to receive 1.5 times their regular wage rate for each hour worked on a paid public holiday. An employee who qualifies and works on the public holiday must receive his or her regular day’s pay plus 1.5 times the regular wage rate for hours worked on that day. An employee who qualifies and does not work on the public holiday must receive his or her regular day’s pay.

Earlier this year Restaurants Canada pointed out to Premier Gallant the challenges this new holiday will pose for small business owners who are already struggling with rising costs and a slow economy. Read our letter.


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